Vitamix, Vitamix, I love my new Vitamix

(Sung to the Spiderman tune…)

Check out my new toy.  P3230001 I have to say after abusing using my new Vitamix for a few weeks now that it actually does do everything the Vitamix people say it does.  I had ignored several demonstrations at Costco and Sam’s because of the very dear sticker price.  However, with Boo’s health problems I had been considering purchasing a grain mill for a while when I stumbled upon a Vitamix demonstration at Costco.  I asked the demonstrator if it could really grind grain without any other attachments and then spent the next 20 minutes with Boo getting to try various concoctions and the guy put the machine through its paces for me.  Whole fruits and veggies, uncooked brown rice, and popcorn kernels (for cornmeal) were all transformed in seconds.  The 30-day money back guarantee (and the fact that I could return it to Costco on day 29 if necessary) convinced me to throw caution (and at the time I thought perhaps good sense) to the wind and take one home. 

Well, a few weeks, a lot of whole food smoothies, fresh ground flour, salsa, hummus, and tomato soup later I will not be returning my Vitamix.  Boo seems to be doing a little better and I think that the food mashed up in the smoothies makes the nutrients easier to digest.  It is really easy to mix up good whole foods with little effort and minimal time which allows us all to eat a little better.

Here are the pros and cons I’ve found.


  • It comes with a large container that does not fit under my cabinet.
  • I need a skinny spatula to scrape the stuff out from under the blades
  • Its kind of loud.  (The Bug covers her ears and the dogs leave the room when I turn it on.)


  • It really does what it is advertised to do (I could not find a bad review on the web, and I looked specifically for bad reviews).
  • It’s very easy to clean.  (Hot water and a dash of soap run on high for 30 seconds.)
  • It makes it simple to use whole unprocessed foods = healthier diet.
  • It has a 7-year warranty.

The Dad has a pet peeve about kitchen gadgets that aren’t used a lot.  He also has a thing about spending lots of money on things we don’t need. (Go figure!)  However, he readily agreed to a trial of this machine and has agreed that its benefit will probably be worth the price tag in the long run.  While I don’t think everyone needs to run out and drop $400 on a nifty new toy, if you have to blend food for health reasons (feeding tubes, etc.) long term, and/or you have or are in the process of incorporating whole foods into your diet the Vitamix is definitely worth a long look.

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